Monday, December 10, 2007

Live from the base camp.

Reporting live from the base camp by yours truly. scanner girl. -_-''

Rachel's Hard at work completing her world piccy.

Miisty's body taking shape. Looks kinda like murder scene. 0.O?

Stitching and sewing.

this was the first one attempted by Mabel last night. a try out.

this was attempted by Julia last night. :)
*julia's not at base camp at the moment. current status: in school. go julia!:)

this doll can't stand on its own and the head is not strong at joints and tends to nods off. so it needs a backing to stand.

i think mabel's losing it. :S ahaha.
the over worked scanner.

here's the new body taking form
back view.
head view?
trying hard to blend in.

secretly dating.

thats all for now...will be updating again soon...:))

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