Wednesday, October 31, 2007

minutes and seconds for 31st October. Halloween Night.

What we have now.
  • Style of Miisty; her whole look and feel
  • In the 'real' world Miisty is b&w with only her face and body coloured
  • the 'real' world is somewhat sketchy and black and white in colour to show the contrast between her created world and the world she lives in
  • In Miisty's created world everything is in colour
  • Miisty's attire:
    • Red Jumper: to show the live vibrancy of kids. It enables Miisty to move freely and also have a feel of fresh, happiness and energy to everything around.
    • Inner shirt: white
    • artist hat; to highlight the fact that she likes to draw, but being a kid, her impression of an artist hat is not stunted at the type we always see. *the team is still deciding between a few choices
  • The flash book containing the story *is on its way*
  • The website concept layout
  • Miisty's expressions *we need more profile shots and more expressions*

What we don't have and still need to have. :)
  • Putting Miisty into situations and locations ( to be finished by 8th November)
  • Miisty's different expressions and profiles *more of it* (to be finished by 8th November)
  • To merger everything on the website.

yesyes. we can do it...gambatte!:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

another cool site.

another cool site to check out and gain inspiration. :)

and Halloween is coming. HAPPY HALLOWEEN girls,eeshaun. and Miisty!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some interesting sites which might help us..:)

The site rachel showed us. Kenny's Work (Molly n co.)

IDN Magazine
(i think this one is rather interesting)>>
(magazine website design template. some cool stuff to look at:))

Postsecrets; Mixed Media

Some very nice background work:

Freshdesigner where alot of illustrations are put in:
Still under the same site(just for our easy browsing i thought this few were quite nice drawings)
a girl ( different views)
drawing asians by this (seems like abit of stereotype. eyes small small asians...-_-)

I just thought this site is very cool...the usage and design not the contents..have a look for fun..:)

Go to the student's portfolio of this webby...! nice..:) (it might take a while to load patient..:)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Minutes for 10 Oct. Wednesday.

Yeap yeaps. here I finally am with the newest updates on the stuff we talked about on Wednesday...

After a certain discussion,with all the websites we saw and works we saw,( i will get the websites from rach and put it up here girls..;) ) we decided to move on from our original concept. No, don't worry, its not really changing it. But rather we felt its good to conceptualized more from what we have till now. Everything till now is cool, and we're trying to take it one step more...:)

So..On a journey of Miisty Reconceptualizing journey we go! :)
discussed and touched upon:
  1. Miity to have more depth.
    1. the feel of our work.
    2. something sketchy not just like cartoonish like..?
  2. Mixing layers
    1. photographs & drawings put together
  3. Miisty to be ventured and put into local context.
    1. to allow our target audience to be able to relate to Miisty.

we conjectured some ideas on that day so i'm putting them up here lest we forget and it might be good ideas..:)

  • Miisty is walking through the sketchbook which is still inside the website, just have the feel of a sketchbook.
    • At the end of the book, she might end up landing beside the book with the camera panning out and all other cam works and end.
    • More ideas: eg. she jump onto the elephant's stomach, sheep's wool etc....
    • flash animation? <>
  • Miisty is always in contrast with the book
    • she might be in bright colours where the world is b&w or dull coloured.
    • she can start with no colours then slowly have colours on here to show her knowing more things etc.
Jobs for Gals :)
  • To think about what kind of look/style we want for the Miisty Character. think more indepth.
  • What and how is our ideal Miisty and how she looks and feels like.
To be discussed each idea on Wednesday meeting. :)

Yeapx. That's all folks..:) see ya all on Wednesday! ^-^~

lil alien over and out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Meeting on 3rd October

(above are some of the picture that we have done for our story)
Date: 3rd Oct 2007

- Trailer
- Part of the story
- Teaser
* final decision will be teaser and it will be from 30 seconds to 1 minute

wants VS needs

- brading of our character
1. wallpapers
2. dolls
3. teaser
4. t-shirt
5. story and synopsis
6. character profile
-Bring the children into the 'new media' world
1. from website to mobile
2. smaller wallpaper to mobile wallpaper
3. animation download
(target audience - female children age from 6 to 12)
miisty website
- will be using picture that we have draw
- picture that we take
- music that we create
Character Profile
- main character
1. Miisty
- secondary character
1. Animal that are involved

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


hihi, i have just done the littlemiisty title thing.

tell me about it! :)

cheers//mabel;see you all in 10hours' time! (cos now is 1:32am and our meeting's at 11!)