Wednesday, December 12, 2007

chiong ah chiong.utter rubbish

With chionging going on at base camp and little sleep but lots of fun and work. this blog updater is going to pass on anytime soon. :S hahaha....

Miisty is bald.

And off we went to see utter rubbish.
we nearly left miisty behind...0.0! hahaa

weeeee! its good destress method

miisty's temporary houses.

peek a boo.

the lady behind looks so ready to pose with you two!

it was this.


I preferred it this way...


the completed ones will be shown in the next entry.

Look Miisty is done and up!:)

Miisty is joining a Xmas contest. her very firstZ!

two nice piccys to end it off.:)

more updates w more stuff to come soon..:)

ZzzZ monster has come.. Have a good day. =)

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