Sunday, February 24, 2008

long time no see.

Hey peeps..=) Long time no see....miss everyone! Guess what..after rebugging the person in charge we have finally gotten miisty up!:)
the second one has a little problem...the guy said that it is drawn over the margin so we have to resize that and send it back then he will help us post it...yay!:)

Go and have a look at it for youself here!
Or if you have trouble clicking the link here it is:


I will try to put our piccys up soon...heh..take care!:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

everyone is at base camp.

current status: everyone is at base camp!:) we have chionged through the night. i have broken my own record. i bet most of us have. 4hrs slp in 2 nights. woah. hahaa...

but we're all happy jacelyn is here!:)
we thank class 95 and green tea to pull us through the night. hmms. =)

its 7am in the morning and we 3 girls are still awake working. say waaah...hahaa

even the sun has rised!


miisty. miisty. miisty.

shippo! *ps. sorry, too sleepy, depth of feild all wrong...

shippo front view!

top view of shippo!

left to right: shippo, ele, booa, miisty
in toilet paper rolls.

And with that we are signing off.

Yours truly. miistyfied. the crazy auntie gang?

chiong ah chiong.utter rubbish

With chionging going on at base camp and little sleep but lots of fun and work. this blog updater is going to pass on anytime soon. :S hahaha....

Miisty is bald.

And off we went to see utter rubbish.
we nearly left miisty behind...0.0! hahaa

weeeee! its good destress method

miisty's temporary houses.

peek a boo.

the lady behind looks so ready to pose with you two!

it was this.


I preferred it this way...


the completed ones will be shown in the next entry.

Look Miisty is done and up!:)

Miisty is joining a Xmas contest. her very firstZ!

two nice piccys to end it off.:)

more updates w more stuff to come soon..:)

ZzzZ monster has come.. Have a good day. =)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Live from the base camp.

Reporting live from the base camp by yours truly. scanner girl. -_-''

Rachel's Hard at work completing her world piccy.

Miisty's body taking shape. Looks kinda like murder scene. 0.O?

Stitching and sewing.

this was the first one attempted by Mabel last night. a try out.

this was attempted by Julia last night. :)
*julia's not at base camp at the moment. current status: in school. go julia!:)

this doll can't stand on its own and the head is not strong at joints and tends to nods off. so it needs a backing to stand.

i think mabel's losing it. :S ahaha.
the over worked scanner.

here's the new body taking form
back view.
head view?
trying hard to blend in.

secretly dating.

thats all for now...will be updating again soon...:))